Explanation and Understanding of The Conflict in The Crimean Peninsula: The Soviet Genocide (SÜRGÜN) and Situation of The Crimean Tatars

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This article aims to make it possible to explain and understand the root causes of conflict in the Crimean Peninsula since the Crimean Tatars have returned their homeland (Yeşil Ada). The analysis of the sources of the Crimean conflict requires to investigate the history of the peninsula and especially the Soviet Genocide (Sürgün). After focusing on the psycho-analytical and psycho-dynamics of the Crimean history, the research uses one of the most important conflict resolution theory, the basic human needs (BHNs) theory, on the Crimean case. The 1994 Crimean Crisis with conflict problems and issues of the Crimean Tatars are examined in this research. In conclusion, the Crimean conflict may be resolved by the application of the conflict management, resolution and transformation. Also, there is a need to have a comprehensive economic, political, democratic and social reforms in Ukraine and Russia in general and in Crimea in particular.