Turkish-Yemeni Relations: Yemen’s View on Turkey

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In spite of the Ottoman heritage in Yemen bilateral relations between Turkey and Yemen did not develop on the desired level until the beginning of the nineties. Following Prime Minister Turgut Özal visited Yemen on December 20, 1986, the first Turkish embassy (in Yemen) was opened 1988 in Sana’a. In additional, in the period after 1990 Turkey-Yemen relations developed in different fields, includedhealth care, tourism and education. After Ali Abdullah Saleh, President of Yemen, visited Turkey in 2008, several mutual visits have been made on an official level since then. The forthcoming official Yemen visit of Abdullah Gül, President of Turkey, at the beginning of 2011 will bring this issue back on the agenda once again. In the Post-Cold War period Yemen faced serious problems. After 2000, Yemen, having experienced serious problems with its Arab neighboring countries following the breakout of the Gulf War in 1991, was torn between Al-Kaida terrorism and an internal conflict with Hutsi groups, which opposed the regime. As the civil war escalated, Turkey both provided humanitarian aid and pledged its support for the stability national unity and territorial sovereignty of Yemen. In this context, the support of the Yemeni government also emerged as an important cause on an international level. As a matter of fact, Turkey actively supported the Friends of Yemen group, which was established in January 2000 in London, and tried to assume the role of a mediator in Yemen to end violent clashes between different Yemeni groups